First let me tell you about my home.  My husband built it.  It is primarily made from local lumber, much of it cut from our property.  It is heated with wood.  Our source of electricity is our solar panel array, with occasional help from a generator.  If you look at the photo of our house, you will see that it is very modest.  One of the things I love most about it is that it looks like something that sprang from the earth after a spring rain.
     It is a reflection of my attitudes about life.  I want to live close to nature, creating as little harm as possible, using fewer resources, and trying to understand and respect natural laws, laws that I believe were established by the creator of this earth.
     Now about myself, I am a mother of seven, grandmother of five.  I have gardened since I was eight years old.  I am an observer, and much of what I have learned about gardening is the result of watching what is happening, and trying to understand why it is happening.  As I have gotten older I have started teaching some of what I have learned.  Always with the faith that those who attend classes will do as I have done; get as much information as possible and then decide their actions based on their circumstances and beliefs.
     Which leads to the purpose of this web page.  One of the things I have found is that it is not always easy to find some of the best resources for the topics I am interested in.  Whether gardening, farming, alternative energy, building, or simple living, the books needed are not always available easily.  And so I have decided to start offering these books for sale.
     Redfern Books will offer only what I consider the best of resources.  I will never offer any book that I have not read and evaluated.  I will always be available to help with your book choices, to try to assure that you will get the book you need most.  I will have a simple business, to match a simple lifestyle, and carry only those books I believe to be worth having.  I will always be open to ordering books you may request, and to suggestions you may have for good books.

And so I look forward to sharing books with you in the future.

Best regards,
Kathy Connell

18298 270th St
Sebeka, MN 56477