Galloway Cows


Metro Delivery

Product can either be picked up at the farm or scheduled for one of my monthly ( typically the third Saturday of the month) deliveries to the Twin Cities area. Home delivery within the service area is available for a charge of $.12/lb plus a fixed charge of $10.   Minimize your costs and maximize goodwill by splitting larger orders with family and friends.


Orders for  home delivery are initialized and scheduled upon receipt of 20% down payment, the check for which will be held un-cashed until delivery and payment of balance. Along with check (payable to Mark Fickes) please provide name, full address with zip code and phone # you  can be reached at on day of delivery. You must be present during a pre-specified 2 hr time slot on delivery date (or make special arrangements) to accept/pay balance on your order.


True grass-fed beef is a seasonal product harvested in late summer thru early winter . I hold inventory deep frozen until the season's harvest is sold. Typically sold-out by March and taking wait-list places for first new season harvest in August (limit one quarter), or subsequent harvests in September/October (limit one half), or November/December ( limit one whole) Box orders do not require a wait list position. New customers limited to one quarter on wait list.

Fractional Quantity Beef Price List 

Pasture raised, grass-finished beef available late summer to late winter (see above).  To make inquiries you can contact me at: or via  telephone call to Mark Fickes at 218-837-6109. For home delivery follow-up with a 20% down-payment check mailed to Hay Creek Stock Farm at 44617 Co Hwy 75, Sebeka, MN 56477 (with your order size noted on the memo line). Please make sure address on check is complete and current as it will be used for Google Maps directions.. Also a phone # at which you can be reached on day of delivery.

Beef pricing will be on the basis of finished packaged cuts in following quantities:




(actually 1/12 of whole)

Shanks (Osso Buco) 16 ea 8 each 4 each 2 each **
Brisket 4pkg 2pkg 1pkg 1pkg **
Chuck Roasts 24pkg 12pkg 6pkg 2pkg
Kansas City Strip Steaks 24pkg 12pkg 6pkg 2pkg
Sirloin Steaks 12pkg 6pkg 3pkg 1pkg
Rib Eye Steaks 24pkg 12pkg 6pkg 2pkg
Ground Round 1# Bricks 41pkg 20pkg 10pkg 3pkg
Ground* Beef  172pkg 86pkg 43pkg 14pkg
Rump Roast 4pkg 2pkg 1pkg 1pkg  ** 
Sirloin Tip Roast 4pkg 2pkg 1pkg 1pkg **
Tenderloin Steaks 24 each 12 each 6 each 2 each
Average Total Weight (lbs) 360 180 90 30
Price ($/lb)*** $7.43 $7.55 $7.68 $7.95
* Ground beef will be split as follows:  1/3 of total into hamburger patties, 4 per 1 lb. package, and 2/3 of total in 1 lb. packages.
* * May receive either or none of these cuts in 30# box as cut weight is generally larger than this weight.
* * * Prices effective 5-17-17. I reserve the right to limit quantities.
Note that the above are average weights of the total cuts in a fractional 
beef. Your total price will be based on the total of the actual scale-printed label weights on each package in your order.



Individual Beef Cut Price List

   $50 minimum order size for home delivery. Pricing effective 5-17-17.



                $/lb for Combined Total Order Size:
            Cut  0 to 29 lbs 30-99 lbs 100 lbs plus
Kansas City Strip Steak 16.97 16.63 16.30
Tenderloin Steak 19.83 19.44 19.05
Ribeye Steak 16.97 16.63  16.30
Sirloin Steak 14.06  13.77  13.50
Rump Roast   9.65  9.46  9.27
Sirloin Tip Roast  8.81  8.63  8.46
Chuck Roast  7.47 7.31 7.17
Ground Round Brick  8.21  8.05  7.89
Ground Beef 1/4 lb Patty  8.16  8.00  7.85
Ground Beef Brick  7.45  7.30  7.15
Brisket  7.17  7.03  6.89
Soup Bones  2.80  2.74  2.69
Shanks (Osso Buco) 6.00 5.88 5.76


Beef/Pork Bratwursts

Nitrate/nitrite-free recipe by award-winning sausage makers at Miltona Custom Meats. Packages average around 1.2 pounds.


              Item       Count/package             $/package
Country Style Brats                6              7.71



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