Pasture Raised Beef

Hay Creek Stock Farm Pasture Raised Beef is Different

         “Pasture” or “grass-fed” claims alone do not produce quality beef.  Our finishing beef cattle are given access to the highest energy grasses and legumes on the farm through Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), a process where the herd is moved frequently to fresh growth.  The abundance of quality forage and pasture-wide, piped drinking water ensure a uniformly high rate of growth with low animal stress – key contributors to beef tenderness.      

Our Pasture Raised Beef is Healthy

        Our beef is from beef breeds of cattle (Galloway, Angus, Scottish Highland, and Shorthorn) born and raised on growing pasture and naturally preserved pasture forages.  Unlike commercial cattle, they receive no steroid growth implants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.  Low in fat, tender and flavorful, pasture raised beef has a much higher proportion of the “good fats” (omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid or CLA) than does grain fed beef. 

Our Pasture Raised Beef is Good Eating

        The beef is dry-aged a minimum of 14 days before cutting, a practice long abandoned in commercial cattle processing as too costly but considered best for enhancing flavor and tenderness.   

        Long thought to be important to beef quality and tenderness, grain feeding has been proven to only have an impact on the level of marbling (intra-muscular fat), not tenderness of beef.  High fat percentages that can exceed 10% in USDA prime grade – however unhealthy – do improve the mouth feel when consumed.  Since the low fat level cannot compensate for dryness special attention must be paid to the preparation of pasture raised beef to prevent both overcooking and excessive drying when cooking.

Preparation of Pasture Raised Beef

All Cuts – Thaw completely in refrigerator before cooking.  Avoid or be careful when microwave defrosting as overheating and partial cooking will drive moisture from the meat. 

Steaks (Whole) – New York Strip, Rib-Eye, T-Bone, Sirloin

Pan broiled or grilled Steak Au Poivre*

Steak Diane*

        Note that typical combination oven/broilers are often not hot enough or close enough to the meat to sear the exterior without excessive drying.

        Pan-broiling requires a heavy weight (thick) cast iron or anodized aluminum pan to uniformly distribute heat. 

Our favorite pan-broiled recipe: 

         Cut the thin fat rind every 3-4” to prevent “cupping” in the pan.  Pat steak dry with paper towel and sprinkle liberally with ground black pepper (or your preferred herb/spice mix) and rub into both sides of steak (don’t worry; pepper applied before cooking won’t make the meat too hot to eat).  Avoid adding salt to the rub mixture as it will draw moisture out of the meat.  Salt after cooking if desired.  Add a teaspoon of cooking oil to the pan and heat so oil just begins to smoke.  Add steak and sear outside to seal in the juices.  Sear one side, turn over and sear the other side then reduce heat to finish cooking to desired degree of interior “doneness” without charring the exterior.  Avoid pressing meat down against pan with spatula.  Lean meats cook faster than fatty meats so be careful to avoid overcooking.  Avoid cooking to “well done.”  Serve with your choice of steak sauce to enhance mouth feel and juiciness.   

Steak Sauce Recipe:

Transfer steak to warming dish and add all liquid ingredients to pan, stirring to blend.  Increase heat to reduce/thicken sauce.  Add parsley about 1 minute prior to final reduction.  Serve over steaks. 

Chuck (Beef) Roasts and Round Steaks (Whole)

        Moist, low temperature cooking techniques instead of dry roasting or pan boiling are best for these cuts.  

Marinated Rowdy's Best Beef*


Stews or Pot Roasts Beef Bourguignon*

Irish Stew*

Braised Italian Steak*

Swiss Steak*

Rump Roasts and Sirloin Tip Roasts (Whole)

        All of the above moist cooking techniques apply along with traditional dry roasting (preferably along with basting).  

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