I'm moving...

this site eventually. I did end up updating a bit and you can see some of my work here by using the Galleries link above or go to one of the links on this page. Read below if you find the "why" interesting enough to bother with.

The reason I'm moving the web site is quite frankly, it is so much easier to keep up with on the other sites. For a period of time designing and maintaining web sites was a high interest of mine, but I have found I do not have the time to keep up with the the new software or coding. I do teach art full time and in order to focus even more on my art, something has to give and I can't even begin to touch what the templates on wordpress do.

That being said my blog is more about the process and thoughts behind whatever I am working on.  The facebook page shows additional work and the MN Artist page is another resource I've posted work on.